Pure Water Monterey

Krista Almanzan

California American Water’s plan to build a desalination plant has experienced a major setback. A staff report from the California Coastal Commission recommends that commissioners deny a necessary permit for the project.

Douglas McKnight

A group of Monterey County elected officials wants California American Water to abandon its proposed desalination plant. They say Pure Water Monterey’s new recycling operation will produce enough water to replace the proposed desal plant.

Doug McKnight


California American Water is getting its first major, new source of water in decades and it’s recycled water. Cal Am is under orders from the State Water Resources Control Board to significantly reduce pumping water from the Carmel River. The facility that will bring recycled water to the Monterey area, Pure Water Monterey, held a ribbon cutting Friday to celebrate the start-up phase. 

Krista Almanzan

With unanimous support from the California Public Utilities Commission, California American Water can move forward with plans to build a desalination plant on the coast in Marina.

Cal Am Desal Plant Moves Forward, Marina Pushes Back

Aug 16, 2018
Krista Almanzan

California American Water is moving closer to building a desalination plant on the coast in Marina. This week, the California Public Utilities Commission said the project can move forward. 

The plant would help solve the Monterey Peninsula’s water supply problem.  But Marina officials say it will hurt their community. 

Krista Almanzan

Californians are used to the idea of recycling cans, bottles and paper. But the idea of recycling water is a little hard for some to swallow. In fact, the process is sometimes dubbed “toilet to tap.”

That’s a phrase the people at Pure Water Monterey quickly dismiss when talking about the new advanced water purification facility being built in Marina.