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CZU Lightning Complex Fire Santa Cruz evacuees
Hannah Hagemann

Progress is being made on the CZU Lightning Complex Fire burning in San Mateo and Santa Cruz Counties. The fire is now 19% percent contained after burning over 80,100 acres, as of Wednesday morning. KAZU’s Hannah Hagemann is covering the fire, which has burned over 520 structures in Santa Cruz County so far. She spoke with KAZU’s Doug McKnight on Tuesday.

CZU Lightning Complex Fire Santa Cruz
CHP Santa Cruz

Wildfires have forced tens of thousands of people to evacuate across the Central Coast. Law enforcement officers are working overtime to protect the homes and businesses they left behind. In hard hit Santa Cruz County, looting has led multiple arrests.

Rachael Ramirez


As California grapples with the balance between public health and economic recovery, businesses across the state are beginning to reopen with new regulations. Many business owners are finding that reopening is a lot harder than shutting down; the road back to normal is filled with red flags, red tape and a lot of red ink.

Jon Wizard

In the middle of a pandemic, with near record unemployment, America is facing yet another crisis -- one that has persisted for generations. Last week, street protests and violence broke out across the country after a black man in Minneapolis - George Floyd - died under the knee of a police officer. In a country torn by political division and angry voices, we decided to reach out to people in our community to hear their thoughts on what’s happening and why.

California Department of Fish and Wildlife



The type of shark that killed a surfer in Santa Cruz County last weekend has been identified. But that’s just one of the pieces of the puzzle in this rare attack. 


Scott Cohn


Voters in the city of Santa Cruz will decide on March 3 whether to recall City Councilmembers Drew Glover and Chris Krohn, and if so, who should replace them. It marks the first city council recall effort to make it onto the ballot in Santa Cruz in recent memory.

Erika Mahoney


The Santa Cruz area is among a handful of California school districts considering creative solutions, including building affordable housing on school district property, to keep their teachers from leaving.

Scott Cohn



The iconic, Spanish colonial-style apartment building near the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk known as La Bahia may finally be getting a new life. It dates back to the Roaring 20s, but has been deteriorating for years.



Natalya Estrada

UPDATE 9/28: Hundreds of activists, including students from elementary schools to universities, participated in Friday's walkout. They marched from the Wells Fargo bank to the farmer's market parking lot and made stops along the way. These activists joined millions of others around the world as part of the week-long Global Climate Strike. 

Erika Mahoney

Members of the Monterey Bay community joined together in a vigil Thursday night to honor the victims of the devastating boat fire in the Channel Islands. 

Lance Orozoco (KCLU)

The bodies of 20 victims have so far been recovered from the wreckage of a boat that caught fire off California’s Channel Islands Monday morning. The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office says most of the victims appear to have been from Santa Cruz, San Jose and other parts of the Bay Area.

Erika Mahoney


President Trump is escalating his trade war against China, raising tariffs already in place and adding a 15 percent tariff on an additional $300 billion worth of goods imported from China. The latest China tariff list includes surfboards. 

Michelle Loxton

This wildfire season you need to be ready for power outages. The Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) is calling these outages “Public Safety Power Shutoffs.”

Erika Mahoney

Some ocean pollution, like plastic bags, can float on top of the water. Others, like golf balls, sink. So to raise awareness about this problem, a Santa Cruz artist is turning golf balls from the ocean’s floor into a sculpture. They were collected in the waters off Pebble Beach by a teen diver.

Erika Mahoney

It’s been a week since bulldozers and workers in hazmat suits finished clearing out a large homeless camp in Santa Cruz. It was home to over 100 people since November. 

Now, the densely-packed tents are gone. All that’s left is a barren dirt lot. But, Santa Cruz’s homeless problem hasn’t gone away.

Santa Cruz Police

The Santa Cruz Police Department is investigating a fake letter that was sent to several Latinos in the community. The letter says police have files on them. The police chief is concerned about the ripple effects of this scam.

Frans Lanting

A local husband and wife team behind several National Geographic stories and books will share some of their work Saturday at the Rio Theater. The program is a benefit for the Seymour Center in Santa Cruz.

Erika Mahoney

Thursday’s testimony of Judge Brett Kavanaugh and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford before the Senate Judiciary Committee had many glued to their radios, TVs and phones. For some, today was an empowering moment for sexual assault survivors.

Brandt Bates

Numbers out today show the median monthly rent in Santa Cruz is $3,149. That’s according to the real estate website Zillow.  This November, residents will vote on whether rent control is the answer to reining in rents.

Brandt Bates

A national rolling hunger strike has arrived in Santa Cruz. It’s trying to draw attention to immigrant children still separated from their parents under the Trump Administration's zero-tolerance policy.