Silicon Valley

UC Santa Cruz


In a computer lab at UC Santa Cruz’s Silicon Valley campus in Santa Clara, graduate students Rutul Thakkar, Janelynn Camingue and Sai Ruthvik Thandayam spend the afternoon playing a virtual reality game called Spellcasters. The students are not goofing off. They’re taking part in a new master’s degree program, launched this fall.


Krista Almanzan

Three years ago, Cal State Monterey Bay and Hartnell Community College started an ambitious computer science bachelor’s degree program called CSin3 (formerly CSIT-in-3).  

Stretching Silicon Valley to the Beach

Mar 18, 2014
Rowan Moore Gerety

Every morning, more than 20,000 people leave Santa Cruz county and commute to work in Silicon Valley. Even with a large research university and seaside real estate, it’s hard for Santa Cruz to compete with the Valley’s pull on engineers and entrepreneurs. But with a $700 billion industry headquartered over the hill, there’s a lot to be gained from local efforts to stretch Silicon Valley to the beach.