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Krista joined KAZU in 2007.  She is an award winning journalist with more than a decade of broadcast experience.  Her stories have won regional Edward R. Murrow Awards and honors from the Northern California Radio and Television News Directors Association.  Prior to working at KAZU, Krista reported in Sacramento for Capital Public Radio and at television stations in Iowa.  Like KAZU listeners, Krista appreciates the in-depth, long form stories that are unique to public radio. She's pleased to continue that tradition in the Monterey Bay Area.

Ways to Connect

Krista Almanzan

Watsonville needs to clean up Pinto Lake.   The popular recreation spot is plagued with toxic algae that not only smells bad, but can also make people sick.  To make matters worse,  the solutions are more expensive than this cash strapped city can afford.

Tatum's Garden



A playground under construction in Salinas is a first for the Monterey Bay Area.  It’s a place where all children, even those with special needs, can play side by side. 

Krista Almanzan

President Barrack Obama is gaining support for taking military action against Syria for its use of chemical weapons on its own people.  Next week, the vote is set to go before Congress where Central Coast Congressman Sam Farr will weigh in. 

To earn money for her family, Alicia Leon Rios worked in the fields in Salinas, Calif. Meanwhile, she sent her toddler, Leticia, to Mexico to be raised by her grandparents.

Even now, Alicia Leon Rios chokes up thinking about that difficult decision more than two decades ago. But it was worth it, she in Spanish, because her daughter "was able to choose another path."

That path led to college.

Fast-Track To A Degree

Krista Almanzan

Although the Salinas Valley is only about a hour south of Silicon Valley, many high school students there don’t imagine a future in tech. But a new program is trying to change that by taking a different approach to earning a computer science degree. 

Krista Almanzan

The FAA recently approved permits for the first commercial use of drones.  So later this summer, two drones will be used to survey ice floes and migrating whales in the Artic; as well as, support emergency response crews monitoring oil spills.  The potential use of drones beyond the battlefield was made clear this week at an event hosted by the Naval Post Graduate School

Krista Almanzan


Nearly a month after the U.S. Senate passed a comprehensive immigration bill, the debate in the House drags on.   Meanwhile, local farmers are eager for a solution.  They’re facing an ongoing labor shortage that many feel could be solved by immigration reform. 

Many don’t have vivid memories of when they were just seven-years-old, but Jason Chelius does.   That’s how old he was when his father was murdered back in 1979. “I remember sitting in the bathtub, and I mean still to this day, I can hear the rap on the door.  So I hear the knock on the door, and the blood curdling screams of my mother, just echo through your body,” said Chelius.  

Today Governor Jerry Brown signed the new state budget. It partially reinstates adult dental benefits for the poor; the program that was slashed four years ago.  But even in this victory for patients in need, challenges lie ahead. 

Two local documentary producers want you to face a tough topic: the sexual abuse of boys.  Their film Boyhood Shadows started as a small local project, and this week it makes its national premiere on PBS (KQED).