Krista Almanzan

Krista Almanzan joined KAZU in 2007.  She is on leave from her role as News Director.  She is spending the 2019-2020 academic year as a John S. Knight Journalism Fellow at Stanford University.  

In her time leading the station’s local news coverage, KAZU earned 25 Regional Edward R. Murrow Awards, plus one National Murrow.  The station has also been awarded numerous national honors from the Public Media Journalists Association (formerly Public Radio News Directors Incorporated).

Krista is part of an NPR reporting collaboration that covers military issues close to home.  She is also a mentor for NPR’s Next Generation Radio Project.

She started her journalism career in Iowa covering presidential elections, tornadoes and holiday parades for local television stations.  

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Krista Almanzan

Statewide election results will be certified by Friday.  As the final numbers come in, there's a new number to look for: how many people registered and voted on the same day.  This was California’s first general election to allow same day voting. 


Update: As of 12:00pm on Friday, November 30, Highway 1 is back open at Paul's Slide and Mud Creek.  


With heavy rain comes the threat of mudslides.  So with rain in the forecast, CalTrans is temporarily closing two sections of Highway 1 along the Big Sur Coast.

Krista Almanzan

Three years ago, someone set fire to the Food Bank for Monterey County and no one has ever been arrested. The arson destroyed a fleet of vehicles and caused other damage.  It also set in motion plans to build a new facility. 

Votes are still being counted in Monterey Bay area elections, but early numbers are in. These results are from the most recent tally, which was early Wednesday morning.

graphic by Serena Toney

Election Day polls are open 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday, November 6th.  

Find your polling place in Monterey County.

Find your polling place in Santa Cruz County.

Krista Almanzan

The Monterey Peninsula has always had a private water supplier.  California American Water (Cal Am) took control of the system in the 1960s. Now, voters will decide whether they want a public takeover.

Pacific Grove is one of the only places on the Monterey Peninsula where visitors can stay in short term rentals.  Now, voters there are set to decide whether they want to restrict where those vacation rentals can be located. Measure M would remove them from most residential neighborhoods.  

Krista Almanzan

Although you still have a month to mull over your choices before Election Day, early voting is underway.  It started Monday.

Krista Almanzan

Standing on the edge of a marsh, Mark Silberstein takes in the sounds of birds in Elkhorn Slough Reserve near Moss Landing. 

Krista Almanzan

Veterans Resource Centers can be found on college campuses across the nation, but funding for them is scarce.  A bill in Congress could change that.

Doug McKnight

Protesters about equaled the number of supporters who attended a fundraising luncheon featuring former Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Carmel Valley Thursday. 

Krista Almanzan

With unanimous support from the California Public Utilities Commission, California American Water can move forward with plans to build a desalination plant on the coast in Marina.

Krista Almanzan

It’s been nearly 25 years since Fort Ord closed and the removal of all the blighted buildings may soon be within sight. Another swath of old Army buildings is starting to come down in Seaside.

Krista Almanzan

California American Water is moving closer to building a desalination plant on the coast in Marina. This week, the California Public Utilities Commission said the project can move forward. 

The plant would help solve the Monterey Peninsula’s water supply problem.  But Marina officials say it will hurt their community. 

Krista Almanzan

Deportations and forced family separations constitute a public health crisis.  That’s according to a policy statement that comes out in the upcoming American Journal of Community Psychology. 

Krista Almanzan

Big Sur has a complicated relationship with tourists. The community relies on visitors for its economic survival. But too many can cause problems. There's an experiment underway to help that on the road to one popular destination. 

Davenport Cement Centennial

A houseplant is threatening young redwoods and other vegetation in the Santa Cruz Mountains.  

Brandt Bates

This weekend will be the first in more than a year that Highway 1 is completely open through Big Sur. That will bring even more tourist traffic and businesses and residents are bracing it. 

California Department of Transportation

Starting Wednesday morning, you can drive all the way through Big Sur on Highway 1. A portion of the road has been closed for more than a year. A massive landslide wiped it out.

Erika Mahoney

Update: Map of Car Week events released.  

Visitors and businesses love Car Week.  Many locals do not.  That’s mainly because of the traffic, which is a problem made worse by unofficial events.