Dolan Fire—Big Sur

Aug 22, 2020
Dolan Fire Big Sur California
Jeff Gillentte / A firefighter from Pennsylvania monitors the Dolan Fire

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This page includes resources for those affected by the Dolan Fire. 

The Dolan Fire is burning south of Big Sur and into the Ventana Wilderness. It broke out on August 18 and has burned over 124,000 acres.

For the latest information on fire activity, size and containment, see the Los Padres National Forest Service incident page.

Lee Hicks Photography

Of all of the Monterey County residents facing challenges from the coronavirus, its homeless are among the most vulnerable. For them, even normal times are difficult. Yet now, the pandemic and the shelter-in-place orders have put homeless people at even greater risk.

Doug McKnight


On Friday, former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg became the first of the 2020 Democratic Presidential candidates to hold a public rally in Monterey. 

Doug McKnight

The Monterey Peninsula Water Management District held a public hearing Tuesday evening on the feasibility of taking control of the region's main water system.

Dylan Music

The Monterey Museum of Art is beginning an Artist-in-Residency program. The plan is to host international artists to bring different perspectives to the area. Spanish artist Paz de la Calzada is the first artist-in-residence.

Michelle Loxton

A Defense Language Institute alumna will forever be remembered after she lost her life serving in Syria earlier this year. 

City of Monterey

In case of an emergency that requires the evacuation of Pacific Grove, there are only two ways out. On Saturday, emergency planners will test a third route through the normally closed Presidio of Monterey.  

Erika Mahoney

Restaurant weeks often showcase things like burgers or gourmet fixed-price menus. But in Monterey, the focus isn’t just on tasty food; it’s also on where the food comes from.  

Doug McKnight

The schools in the Monterey Peninsula Unified School District need more than $200-million for repairs.   The school district is asking property owners to pay for it.  Voters decide on Tuesday if they want to do that when they vote on Measure I.  

Erika Mahoney

HBO’s TV series ‘Big Little Lies’ is back in Monterey filming for the show’s second season. The Monterey County Film Commission has been working to make sure the local fabric of Monterey is highlighted.  

Erika Mahoney

Maintaining historic buildings is expensive and often relies on the goodwill of donors and volunteers. In many places, that model is failing. So the National Trust for Historic Preservation is trying something new. And it’s starting with a historic building in Monterey.  

Doug McKnight

Salvador Dali is returning to Monterey.  Back in the 1940s, the Spanish artist lived there part time.  Now Monterey will become home to the first permanent exhibition of his Surrealist work on the west coast in a new museum called Dali17. 

Doug McKnight

A new report from the Middlebury Institute finds that marine industries like aquaculture, tourism, and offshore mineral exploration are booming as people flock to coastal cities. But overall, federal spending on the oceans, from research funding to hazard mitigation, has fallen by almost a billion dollars since 2012. Report co-author Charles Colgan, says that growth without government support means coasts aren’t preparing for climate change— a recipe for economic and environmental disaster.