Doug McKnight

The economic effects of the coronavirus are not just reflected in the plummeting stock market. Visitor dependent Monterey County is already feeling the squeeze. You just have to spend time in a tourist area to see the impact.

Selling the Sights

Sep 3, 2019
photo: Steve Laufer

Broadcast: September 8, 2019 at 4:00 p.m.  

William Mackintosh is the author of the book "Selling the Sights: The Invention of the Tourist in American Culture". In the early 19th century, Americans began to journey away from home, simply for the sake of travelling, giving rise to a new cultural phenomenon: the tourist. Nancy McGehee says that from public artworks to popular foodie trails, small towns and rural areas are finding ways to enrich their communities through tourism. 

City-dwellers escape to national and state parks for the beautiful sights and the fresh air. Chris Zajchowski says that, unfortunately when those tourists travel for clean air, they bring polluted air with them.

Erika Mahoney

Overtourism has impacted places like the Croatian city of Dubrovnik, where Games of Thrones was filmed. But it also pushed that destination to manage the industry more mindfully. Now in Monterey County, there’s also a push to shape the tourism industry in a more sustainable way.