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Sandbags Help Hold Back Carmel River At Flood Stage

Gusty winds and heavy rain continue to impact the Central Coast. The Carmel River reached flood stage this Valentine’s Day.

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Salinas, CA – Artists Jacob Rafael Estrada and Luis Cerna met at the Alisal Center for the Fine Arts in Salinas. During their StoryCorps interview, Estrada talks about the challenge of turning a moment of inspiration into art.

Monterey County, CA – When he was just 14-years-old, Rogelio Jacinto moved from Mexico to Monterey County.

"I came over here to Castroville," said Jacinto. "I came on Sunday. I think was June four Sunday and I start working on Monday."

Even though that was four decades ago, Jacinto said some things haven't changed: most farmworkers are immigrants, pay is low and health care can seem out of reach.

Salinas, CA – Louise Miranda Ramirez is a member of the Ohlone Costanoan Esselen Nation, historically known as the Monterey Band of Monterey County.

When she came into the mobile booth in Salinas, she spoke with StoryCorps Facilitator Jeremy Helton about her daughter Tiara who died at the age of 14 after a battle with Leukemia.

Monterey, CA – On a clear Saturday morning, Vietnam Veteran Chet McAndrews is helping a group of disabled Veterans board the Chubasco. Its a 60 foot charter fishing boat, one of four boats that set out for the Monterey Bay Veterans annual Rock Cod Derby.

Salinas, CA – Monterey's Cannery Row has drastically changed since the days of John Steinbeck. In an interview with his wife Doris, Joe Bragon remembers the way it was when he worked on Cannery Row.

Salinas, CA – Maria Figueroa always dreamed of living in the U.S, but when her dream became reality, it wasn't as she expected. She tells the story to her friend Stephanie Ornelas.

Salinas, CA – In families we don't always see eye to eye, but if we're lucky over time we can learn to understand each other. Steven Rozman of Monterey County tells his son Zachary about how he grew to understand his father.

Salinas, CA – DJ, Patricia and Mary are three of Marian McQuade's fifteen children. While raising a family, McQuade fought for the creation of National Grandparents Day. It's now celebrated every September on the Sunday following Labor Day. The McQuade sisters remember their mother who passed away last year. She was 91 years old.

Salinas, CA – Gary Sapia and his wife Dinah Vaughan Sapia of Soquel took a huge leap of faith when they moved their family from Michigan to the Santa Cruz area. They made it work thanks to their different approaches to life.

Salinas, CA – Sue and Janice Spence-Sharpe of Carmel Valley traveled thousands of miles to start their family. Sue shares the story with their now 11-year-old daughter Maisy.


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