Erika Mahoney

Without Ross Camp, Homeless In Santa Cruz Spread Out

It’s been a week since bulldozers and workers in hazmat suits finished clearing out a large homeless camp in Santa Cruz. It was home to over 100 people since November. Now, the densely-packed tents are gone. All that’s left is a barren dirt lot. But, Santa Cruz’s homeless problem hasn’t gone away.

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Would Prop 82's "front-loading" help the Monterey Bay Area's gang problems?

by John Sepulvado

Pacific Grove, CA – A look at Prop 82, the universal preschool measure. TV ads tend to stress more immediate educational merits, but supporters of Prop 82 say one of the strongest arguments for the measure is that it front-loads social services spending. What do the experts say? KAZU's John Sepulvado takes a look.

Many Monterey Bay Area Democrats lackluster on Governor's race

by Ben Adler

Pacific Grove, CA – Tuesday is Election Day. Monterey Bay voters will have their say in primary races for statewide office and two new propositions. What do Monterey Bay Area Democrats think about their gubernatorial primary? KAZU's Ben Adler reports.

Measure E story

by John Sepulvado

Bookwalter interview

by Ben Adler

Pacific Grove, CA – Santa Cruz County is known for its hard-fought election battles and its progressive politics. But Tuesday's primary ballot is relatively tame, with the exception of a couple of close races. KAZU's Ben Adler previews those races and two big initiatives that won't be on the ballot until November with Genevieve Bookwalter, the political reporter at the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Joe Livernois interivew

by Ben Adler

Pacific Grove, CA – While the June primary has some statewide races that polls show a lot of voters have found uninspiring, there's no shortage of political drama here at the local level. KAZU's Ben Adler previews the Monterey County races and issues with Joe Livernois, interim city editor at the Monterey County Herald.

Monterey County Measure A preview

by Ben Adler

Monterey, CA – If your morning commute is more like a morning crawl, Monterey County elected officials have a message for you - help could be on the way. That help, they say, is Measure A - the half-cent sales tax increase on Tuesday's primary ballot. The measure would help fund transportation projects throughout the county. KAZU's Ben Adler reports.

Monterey, CA – As Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made headlines denouncing Israel and challenging U.S. nuclear weapons policy, the man charged with watching Iran's nuclear program was in Monterey this week. Mohamed ElBaradei, the director of the International Atomic Energy Agency, spoke to about 200 people Tuesday at the Monterey Convention Center at an event sponsored by the Monterey Institute of International Studies. KAZU's John Sepulvado reports.

Fort Ord, CA – This Memorial Day holiday brings news on efforts to build a cemetary at Fort Ord. A lack of money has stymied plans for the cemetary for almost 10 years, but now state and federal lawmakers say they have a plan -- a third way, as they describe it -- to get funding for the cemetary. KAZU's John Sepulvado reports.

Monterey, CA – This weekend, the Monterey Bay Aquarium wants you to think about the fish you eat - not the fish you see in the tanks. It's the Aquarium's annual Cooking for Solutions event, which focuses attention on sustainable seafood. KAZU's Ben Adler speaks with Rick Bayless, host of Mexico: One Plate at a Time on PBS, founder of Frontera Grill and Topolobampo in downtown Chicago and the honored chef at Cooking for Solutions 2006.


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